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  • Which shower-cap for the S2, 'long' or 'short'?
    The early S2 has the ‘long’ hood which when fitted covers the fibre glass cowling of the roll over bar. The later and current S2 (and derivatives: 135,111,23 etc) has the ‘short’ hood fitting which butts up to the cowling leaving it exposed - like a targa top on the Porshe 911. The specific fittings for the the two types of shower-cap can be seen by clicking on Fitting Instructions on the website.

    What are shower-caps made of?
    8 ounce woven nylon with PVC waterproof backing. The area covering the cockpit has no seams and is totally waterproof.

    With the S1, why a separate LHD and RHD fit?
    The front fit for the S1 shower-cap differs depending which side the windscreen wiper blade rests. The fitting instructions on the website shows the RHD fit only.